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The Minnesota quarterback, who has shocked NFL observers with his ability to learn on the fly, is also a man of faith who believes his relationship with Christ is “all that really matters.”

Josh Dobbs was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to Minnesota late last month after starting Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins suffered an injury that not only ended his season but also seemed to end Minnesota’s playoff hopes. 

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Grammy Award-winning acapella group Pentatonix recently told The Christian Post that the group wants to share their faith with the world through their music.

The group is not labeled a Christian group, but they are widely known for their Christmas music.

According to The Christian Post, at the recent movie premiere of “Journey to Bethlehem,” Pentatonix members Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee said they likened their experience to the Old Testament story of Daniel.

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Five-time Grammy winner and Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman says he doesn’t see himself ever retiring and is enjoying making music now more than ever, declaring there is “great joy” in watching his songs impact people of all generations.

Chapman earlier this year celebrated his 50th No. 1 song with Don’t Lose Heart and recently performed a two-hour concert with a full orchestra commemorating the occasion. 

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